Industrial washers for boxes and containers
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Industrial crate washer FORCHEM MP 150 2S

Crate washer, parts washer is designed for washing dirty crates (boxes) used in butchery, dairy, food processing and other plants. Forex also offers special washers, which wash parts from the smallest size to large-size parts. They are currently in operation in hundreds of companies in Europe. The range of our satisfied customers starts with small businesses and ends with market leaders. The aim of manufacturing these devices is to gain the client's trust, to offer the most correct solution.

The guarantee of quality crate cleaning equipment is first-class components - high-performance pressure pumps connected to precision pressure nozzles located in the cleaning tunnel. The entire washer is made of stainless steel. The number of zones, the performance of the washer and the dimensions of the cleaning tunnel can be adapted to the customer's actual requirements. Easy operation, low maintenance, trouble-free operation and long service life are the basis for customer satisfaction.